Going into this, I had a feeling I knew how Yesterday would end. Thankfully, the film threw a few curveballs my way and kept me guessing. That’s not to say that where it did go was particularly interesting.

Yesterday is, at best, a nice movie. Stars Himesh Patel and Lily James are nice to watch, the covers of Beatles tunes are nice to listen to, the laughs are nice and the plot wraps itself up nicely.

At worst, Yesterday is strangely bland, especially coming from director Danny Boyle who if anything has a penchant for excess. There’s nothing here that’s truly memorable except the songs, which were obviously pretty memorable before the movie came along.

In the end, the whole film seems like a wasted opportunity to explore what the world would be like had The Beatles never existed. Here, very little seems to have changed apart from the absence of one other band.- you can probably guess which – and The Beatles and their music aren’t used as anything more than a vehicle to launch Patel’s Jack to fame and complicate things with James’s Ellie.

Still, there’s something to be said for just turning off your mind and accepting the film for what it is – a high-concept yet lazy rom-com fantasy that leans heavily on its leads and nostalgia for one of the greatest musical acts of all-time.

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