The third John Wick movie is everything you’d expect from the series at this point: a barebones plot with outstanding action and stunts, a dark sense of humour and a deeper dive into the world of assassins built in the previous two instalments.

Keanu Reeves again throws himself headlong into some insane stunts and balletic hand-to-hand choreography. His commitment to these gags is remarkable at 54 years old. Halle Berry is also amazing at 52 as an acquaintance of John’s who has a huge hand in the film’s most thrilling action sequence.

Which leads me to my biggest complaint: Most of the truly inventive set pieces happen in the first half, leaving the second half feeling long and the final battle a bit flat. There’s also an issue with Wick’s motivations as a character at this point. He’s gotten away from himself.

Still, the whole thing is highly enjoyable. This is the funniest of the three films. Its humour is as  dry and subversive as ever, but this time there’s just more of it. And it’s especially welcome in that final act when the action has become a bit more predictable.

I didn’t enjoy this one quite as much as the first two, but Parabellum is another very, very good outing from Stahelski and Kolstad, who have turned this into one of the most consistently awesome action franchises in the business, worthy of mention in the same breath as Mission: Impossible.

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