Okay, here’s my review of the 2019 remake of Pet Sematary: The original isn’t all that good, the remake isn’t all that good either.

Now, rant time…

As viewers or listeners to the podcast are likely aware, I don’t watch movie trailers. There is an exception to that rule, and it’s normally when someone is remaking a famous movie I’ll check and see what it looks like. Mainly because there’s not a whole lot they can spoil in a trailer since I already know the subject matter.

So, to whichever absolute cretin cut the trailer for this remake, I pose a question: If the movie’s 2 most suspenseful scenes are also both deliberate subversions and changes from the original film, WHY ARE YOU SHOWING BOTH OF THE CHANGES IN THE TRAILER?

Honest to god it’s ludicrous at this point. They made 2 changes from the original, both are fairly cleverly structured where the entire scene is built around teasing the original scenario and then changing it. So why are you giving both of those away beforehand?

Never mind a full review of the movie, it’s reasonably acted by the cast…it’s unbelievably ugly to look at, just grey for the entire run time, and it’s sorta creepy but also sorta bad.

None of that matters, because my biggest takeaway is that trailer.

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